Judah Freed is an international journalist, author, speaker, educator, communication consultant, media producer, book coach, and energy healer based in Hawaii. Judah Freed is the author of Making Global Sense, available for publication through The Rudy Literary Agency.

Judah Freed

Judah Freed

Judah has published a thousand articles and essays on diverse topics since 1976. Specializing since 1992 in new media and its social effects, he pioneered trade press coverage of interactive television and distance learning. His publishing credits includeCablevision (former managing editor), Multichannel News, Broadband Week, CED, Interactive Week, Video Age, Electronic Media,  Publisher’s Weekly, Euromedia, TV Technology, and others.

He is the author of Financial Opportunities in Educational Television (Financial Times Media & Telecoms, UK, 1998), stating the business case for developing world educational media markets by developing more educated minds in the world.

Judah also is a professional coach trained and certified in diverse personal growth process faciliation techniques. He focuses on communication issues (intrapersonal and interpersonal) along with writing and book publishing.

He is a master-teacher of Usui and nontraditional Reiki. He is developing the new “Chaim (Life) Reiki” system of healing. Judah also is a Deeksha blessing giving and a practitioner of Axiotonal Alignment healing.

Judah Freed lives  on the Hawaiian garden island of Kauai.

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