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If you are on Kauai, please turn out today for the public hearing on County Council Bill 2491, which would protect the public’s right to know about the GMO crops being grown here and the toxic chemicals being used on these crops that may harm our health and our environment.

The doors to the Kauai Veterans Center (near the airport) open at about noon. Wear red or yellow, if you can, to show your support for the bill.

Bill 2491 will NOT affect 99% of our local farmers, by the way. Please do not believe this false propaganda by the five GMO companies operating on Kauai, who are the sole focus of the bill. The GMO companies hope to scare local farmers into opposing the bill. Kindly reject this misleading tactic.

Bill 2491 does four things:

  1. Calls for full disclosure by GMO companies of all chemicals used on their crops.
  2. Calls for a temporary moratorium on new GMO crops.
  3. Calls for a permitting process for all GMO crops, which may include an independent environmental impact statement.
  4. Calls for a set back of 500 feet from schools, hospitals, rivers, etc, where the toxins used on these GMO crop fields may cause harm.

In my opinion, this is a limited and reasonable step toward the regulation of GMO practices that already are causing measurable harm. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Come today and hear the testimonies.

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