Flying Solo: A Rite of Passage

CROWS call this mornings outside the Echo Park duplex in Los Angeles where Melissa and I are staying as I recuperate from September 13 cancer surgery. Crows and ravens are old totems for me, heralding deep changes in my life. Their presence this morning seems appropriate as as I prepare for tonight’s performance of “Flying Solo.”

The Flying Solo personal growth theater program was developed in Los Angeles by Revs. Patrick Feren and Rita Andriello, then at the Global Truth Center in North Hollywood. They introduced the program on Kauai this year after moving to Hawaii three years ago to start the Center for Spiritual Living Kauai. CSL previously  called Religious Science and Science of Mind.

Flying Solo is limited to eight participants who each present a ten-minute performance piece about a significant moment or a significant issue in their lives. The process of preparing  and presenting the piece can be deeply transformational, which is why the programs have been successful in such settings as schools and prisons.

I intended to do the first round of Flying Solo on Kauai earlier this year, but instead I went for my first cancer surgery on Oahu in Honolulu. I committed to this second course before I knew about going to LA for a second cancer surgery.

Believing robotic surgery would keep me being off island for ten days,  Revs. Rita and Patrick agreed to let me participate in two of the six weekly sessions by Skype. We expected  I would be back on island in time for the September 30 “prayer-formance” tonight. Turned out I would be gone a month instead of ten days, thanks to open surgery, so we arranged for me to deliver tonight’s performance by live video on a big screen TV.

The piece I created is an alchemical process. I summon a healing in the City of Angels. My inner victim, magician and  shaman participate in a ritual designed to help me be my whole self in the world.

So, today is about going deep inside to prepare myself emotionally and spiritually for making the performance as catalytic for myself as possible. Wi want to create a pivotal experience in myself, so all of me is more present in my daily daily.

I will record my presentation on Skype. If the tech quality is viable, will post the trimmed video on YouTube and embed it here in this blog.

Thanks for your prayers.

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