Welcome to the evolving and ever-expanding “Resources” section for Making Global Sense along with the companion books, Mindful Self Rule and Personal Democracy.

The categories offered here represent topics covered in these three books. The websites linked from these pages are either referenced directly within the books or else relate to topics discussed in the books.

If you feel a worthy and genuinely relevant website needs to be added, please send a short email using our contact form. Give us the Website name, URL, and the categories where the site should be listed. (No spam.)

If your website is listed among these resources, please feel free to post a link back to this website, but you are not required or expected to do so.

Here are the Resource Categories so far

DISCLAIMER: These links are offered as a public service to readers of Hoku House books. Hoku House and staff makes nor warranties regarding any listing, nor should inclusion of any site among these listing be construed in any way as an endorsement of that website or the people behind it. Use of these links hereby constitutes an agreement to release Hoku House and its staff from any liability for your use of these links.


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