Making Global Sense 
Why a Billion of Us Build our World Anew

Grounded Hope for the 21st Century 
inspired byThomas Paine’s COMMON SENSE 

A Journey for These Times that Try Our Souls

Judah Freed
Journalist – Survivor – Storyteller

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“Thomas Paine rallied Americans to a new sense of themselves and their possibilities. Judah Freed does likewise for citizens of the planet.”
Bill McKibben, The End of Nature; founder of 

Making Global Sense is a vital and wonderful book, well written and inspired.”
— Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution.

Making Global Sense is at once vast and tangible, disturbing and inspiring. ”
— Ocean Robbins, CEO of The Food Revolution Network

“Judah Freed shows how global awareness is already changing life on our planet. The book offers us real hope when we need it most.”
— John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism; CEO of Whole Foods 

Making Global Sense by Judah Freed is truly a masterpiece.
— Don Beck, PhD, co-founder of the Spiral Dynamics Movement

Making Global Sense is compelling in its ideas and wonderful in its personal elements!”
— Herb Goldberg, PhD, The New Male; The Hazards of Being Male 

“This is the first book I can remember reading that synthesizes so much into a coherent whole.”
— Shel Horowitz, co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

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THE CAUSE of global awakening is the cause of all humankind.

In these trying times of pandemic and social upheaval, fear and hate drive many to trust bullies promising to save us from hobgoblins, or ourselves. Some seek more grounded hope. Making Global Sense tells why more than a billion of us on earth are now generating the “global sense movement.” We’e spontaneously building critical mass on the planet for the urgently needed spiritual and political enlightenment of humanity.

The author draws inspiration from Thomas Paine and Common Sense, the world-changing 1776 essay that won public support for the American Revolution. The author updates Paine’s work to win support for our global evolution. He revives ideas and ideals of the 18th century Enlightenment to champion 21st century enlightenment — a common sense awareness of our sacred global oneness.

The book has four sections modeled on the four parts in Common Sense.

  • Part I. Where Paine detailed the nature of civic government, Freed details the nature of personal self-government.
  • Part II. Where Paine refuted monarchy and hereditary succession, Freed refutes “alpha male rule” and “authority addition,” 
  • Part III. Where Paine surveyed the state of American affairs in the 18th century, Freed surveys the state of world affairs in the 21st century.
  • Part IV. Where Paine used facts and logic to prove a national revolution was possible, Freed uses facts and logic to prove our world evolution is possible — and already underway.

Changing how we make sense of the world, Judah affirms, changes the world. A global sense of our natural oneness dispels authoritarian thinking, so gender equality and racial equality because normal. A global sensibility induces “mindful self rule” and “personal democracy” — the inner and outer yin and yang of why and how we can and do think globally and act locally. Seeing all life as a web, we live more sensibly.

To humanize these “big ideas,” the book’s essays are interwoven with the author’s personal survival story. A  bestselling model for balancing an essay with narrative is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Robert Persig balanced “an inquiry into values” with his moving story of a breakdown and breakthrough into wholeness — a kindred “character arc.”

Globally awake readers will feel they are not alone, nor powerless, because our natural connectivity gives us all global reach. Readers not yet awake to our global oneness may now safely open their eyes.

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Overview | The Author | Endorsements | Status 


The Author

JUDAH FREED is a seasoned journalist, award-winning author, speaker, publisher, and consultant at Hoku House in Denver. He’s published five books, royalty and indie, plus about 2,000 articles published in local, regional national, and international newspapers and magazines.  
     Publications include Westword, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Colorado Daily, Cablevision, Multichannel News, Euromedia, Il Mondo, The Sun, Huffington Post, and others. Financial Times UK published his 1998 book on educational TV and distance learning.
     Making Global Sense is Judah fifth book. HIs prior works in global thinking won 2012 and 2007 Silver Nautilus Awards for best social change book of and 2005 Colorado Evvy Award for best personal growth book. He’s presented talks across the USA and on four continents, plus appearing on dozens of talk shows. He also produced and hosted in Philadelphia an anniversary program on Thomas Paine for C-SPAN BookTV
     He earned a 1988 double BA in journalism and communication through the University Without Walls at Regis Loretto Heights College. He next researched communication in the individualized MA program of Antioch University (ABT).
     Judah is a member of the Authors Guild, American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA First Amendment Committee), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), National Society of Newspaper Columnists (NSNC), Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR).
     He earlier served as president and board director of the Colorado Authors League (CAL), board director and trade shows chair of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), board director of the Denver Press Club, and founder of the Denver Book Club.
     Judah currently is the Director of Publishing for RIP Medical Debt, a national charity based in New York that buys and forgives unpayable medical debt. He works from home in Denver, Colorado. 

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The book is blessed by15 thought leaders, so far (in alphabetical order):

  • Martin Adams, executive director of, author of Land: A New Paradigm.
  • Don E. Beck, author and co-founder of the global Spiral Dynamics movement.
  • Jed Diamond, men’s movement author of MenAlive and The Warrior’s Journey Home.
  • Herb Goldberg, PhD, pioneer author of The New Male, The Hazards of Being Male. 
  • Jill Heinerth, award-winning underwater explorer and filmmaker of We Are Water.
  • Shel Horowitz, co-author w/ Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.
  • John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and the co-author of Conscious Capitalism.
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution, global visionary futurist.
  • Marian McCain, Australian author of Elderwoman, editor of GreenSpirit Magazine.
  • Bill McKibben, founder of, the Climate March, bestselling ecology author.
  • Jordan Paul, PhD, relationship counselor and author of Becoming Your Own Hero.
  • Jules Pretty, OBE, sustainable agriculture expert, author of The Edge of Extinction. 
  • Ocean Robbins, CEO of Food Revolution Network, founder of Yes! Magazine.
  • Leslie Sponsel, PhD, ecological anthropologist and author of Spiritual Ecology.
  • Terry Tamminen, former Secretary of California EPA, author of Lives Per Gallon.

More than 20 other figures have committed to writing blurbs after publication.


 Overview | The Author | Endorsements | Status 


Project Status

Making Global Sense was completed in 2016. In response to surviving cancer, the author then spent years on extensive revisions, A placeholder ebook was published on January 10, 2020, the 244th anniversary of Common Sense. A polished ebook was released in October 7, 2020. A print edition will be released by Thanksgiving 2020.

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sOverview | The Author | Endorsements | Status 


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