Judah Freed enjoys speaking before live audiences. Been doing it since youth.

More videos at the Judah Freed and Global Sense channels on YouTube.

To discuss a talk at your event, please contact Judah.

Speaking Highlights:

Centers For Spiritual Living – Kauai, HI
“Paradise is a State of Mind”  (2018)
“Flying Solo: Inner Magician” (2018)
“Flying Solo: Behind the Mask” (2016)

Int’l New Age Trade Show (INATS) – Denver, CO
“Independent Publishing Overview” (2018)
“Going Green for Retailers”  (2008)
Global Sense reading and talk  (2007)

Global Truth Center – Los Angeles, CA
“Cancer  Survival Miracles” (2017)

Kauai Writers Conference  – Kauai, HI
“Independent Publishing Overview” (2015)

First Spiritual Science Church – Denver, CO
“New Discoveries”  (2018)
“Latest Lessons Learned”  (2015)
“Lessons from Life on Kauai”  (2013)

Kauai Wellness Expo – Kauai, HI
“The Power of Global Sense” (2012)
“Principles of Reiki” (2011)

North Shore Wellness Fair – Kauai, HI
“The Power of Global Sense” (2012)

Rotary Club of Kapaa – Kauai, HI
“Book Publishing Industry Changes” (2012)

Colorado Green Living Expo – Denver, CO
“Common Global Sense”  (2008)

Book Expo America (BEA) – New York, NY
Global Sense booth reading  (2007)

American Library Association (ALA) – New Orleans, LA
Global Sense booth reading  (2007)

Benjamin Franklin’s Library Company – Philadelphia, PA
“The Anniversary of Common Sense”  (2007)
Produced, hosted program cablecast by C-SPAN BookTV.

Vox Pop Café – Brooklyn, NY
Global Sense reading w/ Scott Blakeman  (2007)

Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association – Denver, CO
Global Sense booth reading 30 people (2007)

New Mexico Book Festival – Santa Fe, NM
Global Sense reading and talk 300 people (2006)

The Saturday Forum – Denver, CO
“Renewing Hope for World Peace” (2003)

Global Sense & Just Desserts – Longmont, CO
“The Natural Law of Global Sense”  (2003)

Denver Public Schools Career Day – Denver, CO
“Careers in Journalism” (2003)
“Careers in Journalism” (2002)

Kapow! Youth Activism Workshop – Denver, CO
“The Power of Interactive Media” (2003)

Denver Women’s Press Club – Denver, CO
Global Sense reading and talk (2003)

Quantum Alchemy Bookstore – Denver, CO
Global Sense reading and talk (2003)

Denver School of The Arts – Denver, CO
“Writing From Within” (2003)

Grassroots Leadership Conference – Boulder, CO
“Media Relations for Activists”  (2002)

Rocky Mountain Book Festival – Denver, CO
Global Sense reading and talk  (2002)
Floor Director, Host for Author Talks (2001)

Colorado Association of Libraries – Keystone, CO
Global Sense reading (2002)

University of Colorado At Denver – Denver, CO
“Careers in Electronic Media” (2002)

Denver Poets Day – Denver, CO
Original Poetry (2002-09)

Earth Works Expo – Denver
Global Sense reading and talk (2007)

Cablelabs Annual Conference – Keystone, CO
“Provisioning Interactive TV” (2001)

International Communication Symposium – Ishkashir, Turkey
“Global Media Impacts” (2001)

Internet World Australia – Sydney, Australia
Conference Host: Marketing Strategies1 (2000)
“Is Data Mining Theft?”
“Marketing 101: Sites that Suck” (Panel)

Earth Day Expo – Denver, CO
“Common Global Sense”  (2000)

Internet Everywhere Conference – San Francisco, CA
“Online Living”  (2000)
Pioneering conference years before IoT.

Mediavolition II – Buenos Aires, Argentina (via satellite)
“The Future of Advertising” (1999)

Denver Performing Arts Festival – Denver, CO
Global Sense reading and talk 150 people (1999)

Internet World India – Delhi, India
“Educational Media and Literacy” (1998)
“From Internet to Interactive TV”
“Internet Advertising”
“The Internet News Business”

Global DBS Summit (Direct Broadcast Satellite) – Denver, CO
“Consumer Attitudes Toward DBS” e(1998)

Spring Internet World – Los Angeles, CA
“Internet Governance” (1998)
“Educational Media”

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) – Las Vegas, NV
“Deep Media Literacy” (1998)
“The Global Sense of Media Literacy” (1997)

Internet World Colombia – Bogotá, Columbia
“New Media Technologies”  (1997)
“User-Friendly Web Design” (1997)

Talk details through 2003 archived on my old website.


As if giving a TED Talk…

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